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The Jazz for Peace Benefit Concert Series Purpose:

1. The main purpose of the Jazz for Peace Benefit Concert Series is to create the foundation  for preparation to meet opportunity between our organizations for a long term partnership creating the possibility for bigger and better things to come.

For example: On Saturday, March 13, 2004 Jazz for Peace played a Benefit Concert for Harlem Dowling-West Side Center as part of our Benefit Concert Series at Jazz on the Park. At that concert was a friend of a volunteer who made a suggestion to a volunteer who was also at the concert who then told a board member who was also at the concert who then told the Events Director (who - you get it - was also at the concert!). The idea turned out to be a special VIP concert featuring the Jazz for Peace™ Quintet which took place on Thursday, April 8th at Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem where over a quarter of a million dollars was raised.

This is just one of many many examples. We are now moving forward with this wonderful organization to our third stage event while moving to the second stage and fourth stage with other organizations.

2. Our second Objective is to raise funds.  By soliciting tax deductible donations to off-set our expenses to put on this concert at no cost to the organization and thereby guarantee a percentage of each and every ticket to the recipient organization we are able to raise funds for the organization with this performance.

3. Our third objective is to generate publicity for you through this cultural event and reach wider audiences for the chosen organization.

(click here for examples of some of the different types of publicity these concerts have generated)

A. Our press release for your concert goes out nationally as well as internationally to our e-mail list that has been growing since our United Nations Concert.  

B. Radio (see our WFAN Super Bowl Sunday interview on our web-site), Newspaper (see articles under "In the News"), Television ( read about our Televised Dallas Concert and local Evening News coverage in other cities) , Magazines and E-zines are all mediums from which our benefit concert has generated publicity for chosen organizations.   *****In addition we will record and place into rotation a full length commercial advertising this event on our own Jazz for Peace Internet Radio which is now being heard worldwide!!*****

 C. We submit a press list of free listings and other Jazz for Peace friendly contacts to you as well. We also work closely with you to reach areas that are unique to your target audience.

In addition to  all of our normal promotion for your event such as press release, e-mailing, internet radio ads, as well as working together with you for additional promotion, the Jazz for Peace organization will make ourselves available for any and all Print, Radio and Television appearances and interviews that can help promote your organization in conjunction with this world class cultural event. 

With our concert at the United Nations now considered "one of the most significant cultural events of our time", our Jazz for Peace Concert for your organization will at the very least be one of the most significant cultural events of the year in your town!


******* For NYC concerts the venue will be obtained and provided by Jazz for Peace. There may be a minimum (ex. 1 beverage or food minimum per person) depending on the venue chosen. For our expansion series concerts the venue will be provided either by Jazz for Peace with your advice or vice versa.






Jazz for Peace

 Phone: 212-947-1104 ...................  Fax: 212-947-1106

Email : info@jazzforpeace.org   


What we ask of you:   

1. Since money from each ticket is going right back to your organization - the main thing we ask is that at the very least a minimum of 20-25 members and/or supporters of your organization purchase (or sponsor) a pair of discount tickets (25 people purchasing or sponsoring a pair of discount tickets = 50 tickets total) to experience this world class cultural event for you enabling the seed to be planted and lay the foundation for preparation to meet opportunity between our organizations.

2. Sit back, relax and enjoy what is now considered one of the most significant cultural events of our lifetime!


*****While it is not a requirement it is certainly in your best interest to help us with promoting this event - if you chose to do so we guarantee that it could pay off in a big way!*****









Jazz for Peace’s Mission is to help advance people to their highest potential through the understanding of Jazz  as well as spreading peace through our "Jazz for Peace Concerts". By joining forces worldwide (or performing) with multi-cultural musicians, entering regions that are politically controversial thought the means of live concerts, video taping, on hands/online teaching as well as supplying musical instruments to underprivileged children in under developed areas World-Wide.  Jazz for Peace will reinforce what past history has already proven. The art form of Jazz has the ability to create a positive effect  that unites people and may eventually start to transform the barriers and issues of different cultures and beliefs.


On September 25, 2002 Jazz pianist and vocalist Rick DellaRatta was invited to lead a band consisting of Israeli, Middle Eastern, European, Asian and American Jazz Musicians in a concert inside the United Nations for an International audience.  Rick named this band JAZZ FOR PEACE™ and has continued these concerts at a venue on the upper west side called Jazz on the Park every Saturday as well as numerous other performances at events in and outside of Manhattan including the West Coast and Europe.  Jazz for Peace concerts have featured Rick DellaRatta along with such notable jazz artists as Paquito D’Rivera, Victor Lewis, Lenny White, Eddie Gomez, Ray Mantilla, Rick Margitza and many others.  Mr. DellaRatta’s Jazz influenced  orchestral composition “Permutata” was recently recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Our immediate goals are:

•To continue our benefit concert series which this past year raised money and awareness for over 50 Organizations which we have listed on our website as well as created the foundation for further collaboration.

•Expand Jazz For Peace™ Concerts to other Cities, States, and Countries.

•Help to bring music back into the schools and Jazz into schools (many for the first time) so that children of today will gain the exposure, understanding and acknowledgment of America's greatest art form that previous generations did not have.

•To donate musical instruments to underprivileged children World-Wide.


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