Our 100% to you! Buyout Program raises maximum funds for our Empowerment Grant Recipients! Our studies from our past events have shown that our 100% to you! Buyout Program has been a key ingredient for enabling maximum funds to be raised for our Grant Recipients.

****** Our highest grossing events in our 800 plus event history to date have come from experienced, savvy and creative organizations who simply pre-purchased 220 tickets at the onset (320 for international events) of receiving their Empowerment Grant notification Award. This is because they were IMMEDIATELY able to leave our set policy grid and use their own creative pricing for tickets, sponsorships, and every other aspect of this event enabling them to follow their OWN guidelines outside of the more strict rules and oversee of our Board while at the same time STILL having our Jazz for Peace team at their beck and call from beginning to end to assist in making this event as successful as possible!

Your organization has probably not heard much about this option by our Jazz for Peace grant administrators, event coordinators or volunteers because while the reward has been phenomenal there is also a financial risk involved and we feel this option should only be accessed by organizations with prior fundraising experience.****** (Please note that in special instances additional airfare fees may apply)

HOWEVER - due to the success of this Buyout program we are now able to graduate organizations that were previously unable to qualify for this 100% to you! category by helping them sell 220 advance tickets via a combination of individuals and sponsors by the deadline set by our board - thereby enabling them to receive 100% of every ticket and sponsorship sold from ticket #221 on. For Information on our prestigious Jazz for Peace Big Band Buyout Click here

Raise maximum funds by setting your own pricing for tickets and getting 100% to you! Buyout Breakdown for North American Concerts:

Cost of the tickets: Ticket # 1-70 at $25 each (VIP Discount Tickets) = $1,750.00 Ticket #71-220 at $45 = $6,750.00 Total - $8500

Funds RAISED FOR YOU from these ticket sales: Tickets #1-70 – you receive $7 per ticket – total: $500 / Ticket # 71-100 - you receive $10 per ticket - total $300 / Ticket # 100-200 - you receive $15 per ticket – total: $1500 200-220 - you receive $20 per ticket – total: $400 Total raised for you: $2700

Pre payment amount enabling your organization to charge as much as you would like per ticket and to have 100% of all funds go to your cause - $5,800

Total cost of tickets: $8500 Minus Total raised for you: $2700 Equals Buyout Amount: $5,800

Find out additional information on this Graduating process at www.jazzforpeace.org/sectionc

A long term partnership that raises funds, publicity and awareness for your organization at no cost to you!

The main purpose of the Jazz for Peace Benefit Concert Series is to Change the World through Jazz by creating the opportunity between our organizations for a long term partnership for bigger and better things to come.

 For example: On Saturday, March 13, 2004 Jazz for Peace played a Benefit Concert for Harlem Dowling-West Side Center as part of our Benefit Concert Series at Jazz on the Park. At that concert was a friend of a volunteer who made a suggestion to a volunteer who was also at the concert who then told a board member who was also at the concert who then told the Events Director (who - you get it - was also at the concert!). The idea turned out to be a special VIP concert featuring the Jazz for Peace Quintet which took place on Thursday, April 8th at Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem where over a quarter of a million dollars was raised.
This is just one of many examples. We are now moving forward with this wonderful organization to our third stage event while moving to the second stage and fourth stage with other organizations.