By providing this unique Grant to over 800 Outstanding Causes Worldwide over the past decade (, Jazz for Peace has long been successfully overcoming the problems that are related to special event fundraising (see our testimonials at ).

By eliminating the financial risk concerns and significantly limiting the REQUIRED staff and volunteer labor concerns we are able to provide a proven breakthrough for averting the problems with special event fundraising that has made it so hard for organizations to participate in and benefit from previously due to the risks involved.

By making all additional participation “optional”,  we allow organizations no matter how big or small, old or new to be able to become a recipient of this funding while leaving the door open for organizations who wish to play a bigger role to work with us to make their event even MORE successful!

We have found that special event fundraising especially when it is tied to a world class artistic performance has enormous potential to help organizations in need not only by raising much needed funds but also by creating NEW partnerships through sponsorships (and other synergistic doors that are opened) as well as expanding awareness from publicity generated through print, radio, television and all other media.

With our concert at the United Nations now considered "one of the most significant cultural events of our time", our Jazz for Peace Concert for your organization will at the very least be one of the most significant cultural events of the year in your town!

This prestigious event will not only set the stage for bigger and better events in the future but has the proven potential to create awareness, publicity and funds far above and beyond that of a normal local event.

By ELIMINATING any possible monetary expense of the recipient organization, LIMITING the requirements of staff and volunteer labor to the simple tasks of choosing the date for their event and deciding who their 35 VIP guests of honor will be (These are 35 people who because of their past support will if they so choose to be able to attend this World Class Cultural Event at a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT), and allowing recipient organizations to profit from the very first ticket sold WITHOUT deducting our expenses while at the same time offering attendees a truly incredible cultural and artistic experience, Jazz for Peace is a unique breakthrough opportunity in this fundraising genre.