Jazz for Peace loves our opening acts and honorees!

Jazz for Peace has had great success with our Opening Act Showcase opportunities and prestigious Honorary Ambassador Award Ceremonies.

The Main purpose to have an opening act or to honor someone at your event is to have more people attending your event which can in turn help you to quickly achieve the 100% to you buyout towards raising maximum funds for your organization.

In order to best achieve this goal and out of courtesy to all involved we decided to generously release to each opening act or honoree 25 pairs of VIP discount tickets for their friends, family, supporters or fans to be a "VIP Guest of Honor" at this event saving $50.00 on a pair of discount tickets as well as the opportunity to partake in any and all VIP entitlements at this truly wonderful celebration.

Below are the instructions for confirming your opening act/honoree.


Dear Jazz for Peace Opening Acts and/or Honorees,

Thank you for being a part of what many now call “The most significant cultural event of our time!” and for inviting your 25 closest friends, fans and supporters to attend this event at a significant discount.

 In order to help make this VIP invite as easy for you as possible we have prepared this special video dedication featuring footage from our tours of Africa and Japanwww.jazzforpeace.org

Your 25 pairs of VIP discount tickets (50 tickets total) will be sent to you as soon as you have your commitments.

Just follow these "Two Easy Steps":

Here are the “2 EASY STEPS” for you and your Board to invite and confirm 25 Guests of Honor for your event:

 1. Each band member or honoree (and anyone else that you would like to be able to invite their family and friends at a discount!) should make a list of between 25 – 50 names comprising their very closest family members, friends, acquaintances and supporters and also hi-light a small handful of those names (7-10 people) as people they would be willing to follow up with by phone or in person.   Ask them if they had read the Jump Start Letter for the event and watched our dedication video and if they are as excited about what they read and watched as you are, let them know that you would “Really like them to be one of the 25 very special Guests of Honor and save $50 on their pair of discount tickets as well as partake in any and all VIP entitlements (click here for VIP Example) at this truly wonderful celebration!”

2. Simultaneously email the Jump Start Letter (with our dedication video) to your longer list and follow up by phone or in person to your shorter list making a note of each verbal commitment that you receive for a pair of discount tickets each! 

Please have each person make their check payable to Jazz for Peace or the recipient organization.

When you have 18 pairs of tickets sold you will have collected approximately $900 and with our recipient organizations approval we can now begin publicizing you on all of our promotional materials and advertising.

Please fax a copy of the check to us at 212-658-9064 before mailing.

In addition please provide us with promo material about your band for publicity along with the Email and Snail Mail Address to send your tickets and flyer to.  

We look forward to the opportunity to generate additional and favorable publicity and awareness for you in conjunction with this world class cultural event!


Jazz for Peace

John De Angelis - Grant Administrator/ Debra R. Cerritelli – Senior Event Coordinator - Jazz for Peace - 212-947-1104 www.jazzforpeace.org  Click here to see hi-lights from our recent event https://jazzforpeace.org/irco.html and here for our testimonials! https://jazzforpeace.org/testimonials.html

Mailing Address: Rick DellaRatta/Jazz for Peace

400 W. 43rd Street , Suite # 21-L  New York, NY 10036