Yes that is actually true!


What makes this Grant so unique and special is that you actually keep more than 100% of the profits. This is because we do not take out our expenses before giving you funds starting with the very first ticket sold.


For example: Ticket sale number one has this breakdown:


Jazz for Peace expenses:  We donít know the exact figure but for sure somewhere in the numerous Thousands of dollars.


Your Recipient Organizations expenses: Zero


Jazz for Peace Percentage of the profit after first ticket sold: Someplace VERY VERY FAR in the minus column.


Your Organizations Percentage:   at $7 for the first VIP Guest of Honor Discount Ticket - WELL OVER 100% of the profits.


We have been told by numerous sources that this is the only Grant as well as World Class Cultural Event of its kind that enables the recipient with no expenses to keep MORE THAN 100% of the profits.


Below is additional clarification on this: (to find out how Jazz for Peace gets funding please visit FAQ # 23).

Jazz for Peace does not subtract our expenses to put on this event before we start giving you money. For example: on the first ticket sold your organization will make 7$. However Jazz for Peace still pays however much it cost to put on the event ( in our very first Jazz for Peace Concert at Troy Music Hall for example the musicians fees alone were over $8,000 ) MINUS $18.  Under these guidelines Jazz for Peace itself does not make money. We use our tax deductible donations to offset our expenses to put on a world class cultural event for the purpose of raising Funds as well as Publicity and Awareness for your organization at no cost to you.

In this way it is our incentive to make this event as successful as possible for you so that we will lose as little money as possible which will enable us to spread our donations to more events and thereby benefit more organizations. While you may (or may NOT) make more money asking people for donations you will certainly not generate publicity and awareness, obtain sponsors, prestigious supporters, new fundraising techniques and more (see below) or create the foundation for preparation to meet opportunity through this world class cultural event between our organizations for a long term partnership creating the possibility for bigger and better things to come. Some of these bigger and better events have raised as much as a quarter of a million dollars for organizations that started their partnership with Jazz for Peace the same way we are doing now.


$$$$$$ ****In addition to ticket sales:  Click here for FOUR more ways that we raise funds for you!