Rick DellaRatta & the Jazz for Peace Benefit Concert Series

"After two historic concerts in RwandaAfrica (click here for details),Jazz for Peace returns to help our country’s finest organizations!" 


                                                                      Through our Jazz for Peace Fundraising Grant:


     1.    Your Organization is a recipient of funds. Because we put this event on at no cost to you, your organization is guaranteed to be a recipient of funds from a variety of ways that have raised as much as a quarter of a million dollars in one evening!

            (Click here for four more ways in addition to ticket sales that we raise funds for you! )


2.   Your organization is a recipient of publicity and awareness.  With The Jazz for Peace Benefit Concert Series now honored and      acclaimed WORLDWIDE (click here for example: http://www.jazzforpeace.org/africaevent.htm ), your organization has every bit as good a chance to receive the same outstanding media opportunities and print publicity as our previous 650 plus recipients (Click here to see our publicity page).


3.   Your organization is a recipient of new partnerships and sponsors. Our concerts have been sponsored by everyone from local businesses to major corporations and have been attended by ambassadors, celebrities, politicians, humanitarians and music lovers worldwide. (click here to see some of our past Sponsors!) In addition we have received support and praise from prestigious Americans such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Denis Kucinich, Ed Begley Jr., Noam Chomsky, Michael Bloomberg and many, many more. We work together with you to help you create these new partnerships which we hope will go on to become permanent sponsors and supporters of your organization and mission.


4.   The Jazz for Peace Benefit Concert Series is a golden opportunity for you to improve your fundraising skills. By sharing our knowledge from over 650 successful fundraising events, your organization is highly likely to learn techniques and explore possibilities that you had not previously been aware of which we hope you will carry forward in your future fundraising endeavors – all at NO COST TO YOU!


5.       This long term partnership is proving to be a vital opportunity in the current economic environment as outlined in this New York Times Article:      http://www.jazzforpeace.org/nytleantimes.pdf

       As well as this latest article from the Queens Courier:



In summary:  A Jazz for Peace Benefit Concert/Fundraiser for your organization is not just good Karma, but in the words of our previous recipients (click here to see our testimonials) , “it’s good for your financial future!