ANSWER:   Jazz for Peace gets our money from our Donors, not from your event.

(Read below for more detail)


Dear Empowerment Grant Enthusiast,

There is no greater possible privilege that you could offer to our organization than to review our Empowerment Grant Details link located with a fine toothed comb and I am delighted to find out about such interest of yours and help you with every single nook and cranny of these details.

Sounds corny I know but believe it or not it’s true.

This is because many of our successful grants would have been even MORE successful had the Grant Recipient only taken the time to review these details more thoroughly and utilized my position as Grant Administrator to help me uncover what they might not know so I could help them to not only learn about it but also capitalize on it to the fullest potential.

As a matter of fact ALL of us at Jazz for Peace WANT our Empowerment Grant for you to be as wildly successful as your organization and our collective potential allows – not JUST because we consider ourselves to be a group of nice well-wishing people, but also because your success ultimately registers with our DONORS!

For ultimately it is the wonderful and generous donations that we receive from people who are sincere enough about wanting to make a difference, who have been kind enough to review our program and do their due diligence, and who after their thorough review truly “GET IT” which enable us to put on a world class cultural event at no cost to you and start giving you funds from the very first ticket sold regardless of whether we had to fly musicians to Africa or rent sound systems on the island of Mackinaw.

Want to know why no one else such as a professional fundraiser etc. offers that? That’s because a fundraiser doesn’t GET donations to put on events.  They charge you a FEE. And they don’t give you a dime until all their expenses are paid back.

And who would blame them?

However at Jazz for Peace the money to pay for your event doesn’t come out of the money raised from your event. It is completely allotted and in that sense “paid for” BEFORE we even start the process by our Foundation. Everything from “Artist Fees” to “Parking Fees” is paid for by generous donations made by very discerning people who after looking at what we do decide that they would rather see MORE THAN $1 per dollar that they donate go to the wide variety of causes that we support (amazingly, that’s what the success of these 800 plus events has created – MORE money RAISED by these events than the money that is given to put them on!!) than .08 cents of their dollar going to just ONE cause while .92 cents goes to administrative fees and executive salaries!

So if you are still awake and paying attention - NOW should come the $64,000 question:

“If you Jazz for Peace guys are so loaded with money from all of your success – WHY do you get a percentage of each ticket sold on a sliding scale upward all the way to 100% going to the recipient organization? WHY NOT JUST GIVE THE RECIPIENT EVERYTHING!!!?

Now take a deep breath and brace yourself folks - cuz this answer just doesn’t get any more simple:

By making your event successful we get to spend LESS of those donations that our Foundation allotted to put on your event “at no cost to you” and regardless of the costs to do so.

What does that mean?

That means INCENTIVE for me and the rest of our team to dedicate ourselves to doing the best job possible.

Why? Because less money coming out of our Foundation to put on your event means our donor’s funds are being spread out farther to help MORE organizations!

And guess who that appeals to?  (I know - I don’t even have to ASK you the answer to this by now)


So to wrap this whole thing up in a ribbon with one simple question and one simple answer – Here Goes:

Question: Why does Jazz for Peace get a percentage of tickets sold?

Answer: Our donations are made to offset our expenses to be able to provide this service to many different causes. Our donors would be far less likely to give us funds if they thought we were going to spend it all on one event as that would not enable us to fulfill our mission nor enable them to get value for their donation.

In Summary:

The Jazz for Peace Foundation’s well documented history of “Helping those who are helping others” through our Empowerment Grant Program, along with helping Educate the world through our “Music in the Schools” Education Series, and helping children through our “Musical Instrument Donation Program” has truly proven itself to be worthy of your contribution.

Why not make YOUR donation to The Jazz for Peace Foundation and do your small (or large) part to keep these acclaimed, proven and simply wonderful programs alive by making that donation Right HERE – Right NOW:


Please don’t hesitate to call us at 212-947-1104 to find out more information about our programs including how YOU can “Be the change you want to see” and help fundraise for Jazz for Peace as we continue to “Walk the Walk!” for the most outstanding causes, for our schools, and for our children as we spread America’s Greatest Art Form performed by our worlds finest artists across the globe!