Dec. 1st, 2010

Dear Outstanding Non Profits in Need,

We appreciate very much your due diligence and I am extremely delighted that you have given me this opportunity to offer clarification to you about this Grant and how is can be helpful to outstanding non profits.

Our Empowerment Grant is structured to NOT limit the potential of funds, publicity and awareness, prestigious supporters, new partnerships, sponsors and all of the other sustainable opportunities listed on our Empowerment Tree ( ).

For example: - If we were to have a set award of lets say $10,000 we would actually have ended up raising $240,000 LESS for the recipient of our biggest financial total in our history so far.

Yet by the same token -  if we only wanted to jack up the average award total so that we could impress people who that unfortunately means a lot to then we would ONLY give our grant to the MOST EMPOWERED organizations because it would be ONLY THOSE events that would generate the highest financial tallys and keep our average award total THE HIGHEST.


And that means that wonderful organizations that we have helped in places like Minnesota, Oregon, New Mexico, etc. etc. would have been left out completely. 

In response to this question:

         How much money does the nonprofit net on average after the expense of marketing, location fees, insurance, etc?

There are NO such expenses to the non profit.of marketing, location fees, insurance, etc.  

That is because this is NOT a fundraiser where we take out expenses first before giving the organizations funds. It is a Grant that enables us to start giving the organization funds from the very first ticket sold irregardless of WHATEVER it cost us to put the event on. all information that is clearly documented on our Grant Details link at and which I would be glad to show you should you have any difficulty locating.

But MOST importantly: -  We want outstanding organizations like yours to know in no uncertain terms that we are not in the business of helping those who are helping us (to jack up the average award amount etc etc). What we ARE in is the dedicated philanthropic purpose to help those who are helping OTHERS and in the most fair and non discriminatory way possible. 

And part of doing that is communicating this helpful information to outstanding non profits like you may you be big, small, old, and new so that you can know how this Grant may possibly be helpful to you just as our letters from past recipients clearly acknowledge ( ) by raising funds, publicity and awareness, attracting new sponsors and partnerships, gaining the support of prestigious supporters, and in the best case and the case of many - a combination of all of these things. 

Please let me know if there are any other questions that I can assist you with.


John De Angelis - Grant Administrator - Jazz for Peace - 212-947-1104 - Innovative Grant designed to help wide variety of causes navigate todays turbulent economy Click here to read about our Empowerment Grant.