A list of organizations that we have worked with can be found at www.jazzforpeace.org under past events (or at  this link - https://jazzforpeace.org/pastevents.php )

Our testimonials from hundreds of previous recipients: https://jazzforpeace.org/testimonials.html 

Our benefit concert series was designed to create a starting point for members of interesting and valuable organizations such as yours to experience Jazz for Peace and in doing so lay the foundation for a long term relationship creating the opportunity for us to partner in unique ways on a larger scale in the future.

To our amazement this unique program has been far more successful than we had imagined and we have made a lot of new friends that we feel honored to know and will be working with over the years. We have already completed much larger and even more successful "step two" events with many organizations are already talking about "third and fourth stage" events as well as other unique possibilities and partnerships between Jazz for Peace and our recipients!

Although our organizations truly honor all that we have done for them and what we are doing for other organizations, we have been asked that their testimonials be put up online and all of our new organizations and potential benefit concert recipients refer to the testimonials for a reference. It is a better solution rather then bombard them with calls all day long. Especially with the amount of organizations chosen by our growing volunteer base all over the world. Please go to https://jazzforpeace.org/testimonials.html , if you should have any additional questions please contact your event coordinator.