The Jazz for Peace Benefit Concert Series is an event which can attract NEW supporters and create ADDITIONAL awareness, publicity and support for your organization. Because we do not wish to have your personal information, the only thing we ask is that you identify the 35 people or so who will be allowed to purchase the limited amount of VIP discount tickets (a $50 per pair savings!) that we have available. 

Obviously because of the discount, these special tickets (which are sponsored by Jazz for Peace so that the same amount of money is raised for you as if they had paid full price!) should be awarded as a way to say THANK YOU to those special people such as friends, family members, and previous supporters of you, your board members and your organization who are often asked to do the heavy lifting at your other events.

Since we are only looking for 35 close friends, family members and supporters to jumpstart your event (of course you may still email the letter to as many people as you want) it does not exhaust your regular donors in any way. In addition, they will be delighted that you are having a fundraising event designed and dedicated to expand awareness and attract new members and supporters! And the best part of it all is that WE create the jump start letter for you so that all you have to do is click "send”.

This simple and minimal effort combined with a handful of phone or in person follow ups has enabled over 800 organizations to confirm their events with money already raised for their cause and even more importantly create the foundation for our Staff to grow their Empowerment Tree in ways unique to their previous events that even we would have never thought possible!