EMPOWERMENT TREE GRANTS 1.Prepare your application for Board Approval. 2. Confirm your event with Funds already raised for you. 3. Grow your Empowerment Tree


FAQ and ORIGIN:  This sounds "too good to be true". How are you able to offer to us this incredible service?

Answer:  The Jazz for Peace Empowerment Tree Grant "separates the wheat from the chaff" by exposing to the worlds donor base as well as other Grant Giving Foundations the very finest organizations in each genre who are truly deserving of wider funding and recognition while at the same time raising maximum sustainable funds for their outstanding cause as detailed on our Empowerment Tree.



Outstanding organizations help us with this “separation” (and even more so themselves) simply by qualifying for our grant and becoming a recipient of this acclaimed and prestigious funding award enabling them to also catch the eye of Major Donors and other Grant Giving Foundations as part of the worldwide publicity and awareness of their outstanding work that this Grant provides*



For outstanding organizations that “stand out from the pack”, preparing your Grant Application to be approved by our Board (see Step 1 above) is the most important step for funding**



If you believe that you are such an organization that should truly stand out from the many hundreds and in some instances thousands of others in your genre for Donors and Funders to be especially aware of, please work closely with our Grant Administration Team to prepare your Grant Application via their guidance in the best possible way so that you will have the very best chance to qualify for our Empowerment Grant funding award.



In summary: We are delighted to provide long term sustainable funding to the world’s finest organizations as well as expose them to the individuals and foundations who need to know about them the most at no cost to you as we live up to our mission to assist the philanthropic world by "separating the wheat from the chaff" on this amazing decade long journey to “help those who are helping others”.



* - see the “Featured Grant” section of our Home Page as well as our Empowerment Tree - Branches 3 and 6.



** - see Step 1 at www.jazzforpeace.org/flow.


ORIGIN: Jazz for Peace rose from the ashes of the horrifying tragedy of 9/11 starting with a poem that was written witnessing those very events on a rooftop less than a quarter of a mile away from Ground Zero on that fateful morning.


Here are just a few of many informative articles which detail our inception:


1. http://www.rickdellaratta.com/rdmia.htm          //    2. https://jazzforpeace.org/article/troylive&lively.htm 


3. http://www.jazzforpeace.com/troyarticle.htm    //    4. https://jazzforpeace.org/wpearticle.pdf


We at Jazz for Peace have solicited and continue to solicit tax deductible contributions to offset our expenses so that we can not only put on a benefit concert for that organization at no charge to them but we can also guarantee them a percentage (in most cases $7 - $50 per ticket) of each and every ticket sold as well as share our proven fundraising techniques to help graduate them all the way to our 100% to you level www.jazzforpeace.org/maxfunds. 


This makes it very advantageous for the actual members and supporters of the recipient Organization to attend a Jazz for Peace Concert - knowing that they will not only be attending a world-class cultural event but that proceeds from their actual ticket will be benefiting their organization at the same time.


We know that great ideas can come from anyone in an organization from its founder to its staff to its board of directors to its volunteers.  By performing for the members and supporters of these organizations as well as the general public we have now planted the seed for ideas to come at any time for Jazz for Peace to benefit their organization in the future.


If 9/11, a tragedy "too BAD to be true" can exist, than so can a response "too GOOD to be true" - The Jazz for Peace Benefit Concert Series!