FAQ: Please tell us everything we need to know about Venues. How to obtain a venue, what size, how many people do you expect to buy the tickets for you to meet your target and the over all cost, etc.

Costs: So far all of our 500 plus concerts have been held at "sponsored venues". Meaning a space that either believes in and supports the event by donating the space ( an in-kind donation such as this is tax deductible ) or a venue that is more than happy to have a world class band that they do not have to pay a cent for as well as a full room of patrons to sell a soft drink, appetizer, alcoholic drink or more.

**If necessary a venue will be obtained and provided by Jazz for Peace. There may be a minimum (ex. 1 beverage or food minimum per person) depending on the venue chosen. For our expansion series concerts the venue will be provided either by Jazz for Peace with your advice or vice versa. If an organization wishes to obtain a venue at their own cost the organization will enter into a contract with the venue directly and Jazz for Peace will not be held liable for any fees or costs associated with the venue.

Size: While we have played many concerts in large venues, the majority of our concerts so far have been held in small venues which hold between 100 - 300 people. When ticket sales in these smaller venues grow to capacity we simply add additional shows advantageously re-wording our promotion to add “First Show Sold Out – Second Show Added” which creates additional excitement and incentive. Because we solicit tax deductible donations to offset our expenses we do not need to meet a specific target or over all cost in order to provide this service for you. However it is in our best interests to help to make this concert as successful as possible for you because the less money we have to take from our donations to offset our expenses the more concerts we can put on for organizations in need. Choosing a venue. We suggest making a list of possibilities at your next meeting. We will of course be glad to help you as well. Our concerts have been held in clubs, restaurants, churches, auditoriums, prestigious concert halls – you name it! Please note: While you are certainly welcome to obtain a venue on your own, Jazz for Peace will also be glad if need be to obtain a venue that we feel is appropriate based on our prior experience, knowledge and history of successful events. If a venue obtained by Jazz for Peace is listed on your Jump Start letter it will be held for you until the due date. We are always delighted to have a venue secured as early as possible and we have found that picking the date and “Jump Starting” the event is the most effective way to do so.

There are two reasons why it is optimal to jumpstart the event before we get a venue....

Reason # 1 - We are able to guarantee all the statistical assurances of our past 500 + successful events - all of which have been jumpstarted with at least 45 – 110  people purchasing a pair of advance discount tickets.

Reason # 2 - With a confirmed event, we are also able to guarantee the appearance of Rick DellaRatta at this event and all of his world class credentials. (click here and here  for more info).

It is this combination that has enabled us to obtain far more prestigious venues then we would have been able to otherwise without offering these assurances and guarantees.

Calendar Listing Examples: https://jazzforpeace.org/venue Since the initial 45 - 110 or more core friends, family and supporters need only to know the general location to commit to the initial discount tickets, sponsoring venues are always happy to know that 70 people or more are ALREADY on board! Jazz for Peace will be happy to obtain a venue for the event.

In NYC we actually have a waiting list of clubs and venues dying to profit from our audience while at the same time not have to pay for the band. Due to the sensitive nature of the venue donation process the venues are very limited on time until they have made their commitment to the event. Making demands on their time during this process can ONLY jeopardize our efforts to securely obtain the venue and get their commitment.