While it is true that many of our events have been for established and world famous non profits, many MORE of our events have been for small organizations such as yours.


Here is a fascinating segment (Part 2 of a 4 part interview) from a well known National Public Radio station:


KDNK Radio in Carbondale, CO (Rick Interview) (audio) (December 2008)


As you can hear from the interview - the interviewer on NPR, while slightly embarrassed, is also excited about the fact that the outstanding organization that we were supporting there was able to educate her in this way.


The really amazing opportunity here would be the possibility that Rick DellaRatta is also NOT well known in your city.

That is because this door opening and community educating opportunity brings a tremendous amount of credibility to the causes we represent and “sets these organizations apart” from the scathes of 501 c3’s out there that most people simply avoid altogether because they can't tell one from another.


If everyone ALREADY KNEW about Rick and Jazz for Peace the cat would already be out of the bag and our recipients introduction of Rick to KDNK and the rest of the community wouldn’t be nearly as big a deal.


However the exciting but unfortunate fact is that there are really good people out there who have heard of General Motors but not Rain Fuel (a sustainable energy non profit) and have heard of Anna Nicole Smith but not Jazz for Peace.


You’re introduction of these “Unprecedented Achievements in BOTH Philanthropy and Jazz” as detailed at this link www.ljjm.biz  clearly communicates the message that you are an outstanding local organization that they need to give a listen to and strongly consider lending their support.

And while it is much more difficult for Jazz for Peace to publicize organizations that no one has heard about than it is the ones they already know, our biggest publicity successes have ALL come from our publicity of small, relatively unknown organizations as you can easily see simply by going to www.jazzforpeace.org/testimonials.html and looking at the letters from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Michael Bloomberg. You will see they were all obtained for very small organizations such as yours. US Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Actor Ed Begley Jr. are two examples of many who have attended Jazz for Peace events to help very small non profit organizations with outstanding missions who were previously underfunded and underpublicized just like you.

That is why we always ask our recipients for input as to how we can most effectively publicize them.

While there is certainly no guarantee that your organization will go from relatively unknown to well known from this world class cultural event that we put on at absolutely no cost to you, there IS a most definite possibility that your organization could become MUCH more known than you are right now.


We will work together with you starting with printing your tickets, press release, flyer, favored local business sponsors, etc. etc. and begin the race to promote awareness for your organization with your help through the press, radio, TV and generate funds for you through this world class cultural event.


We have had previous organizations on NBC, the10 O’clock nightly news, Arts & Leisure sections of their newspaper, Radio announcements and interviews , dozens of different types of listings and more!

We will also make ourselves available for any and all appearances and interviews to promote your organization in conjunction with this World Class Cultural Event.


****With our Jazz for Peace Concert at the United Nations on Sept. 25th, 2002 now considered by people worldwide to be one of the most significant cultural events of our time, you can be assured that our Jazz for Peace Benefit Concert in honor of your organization will at the very least be one of the most significant cultural events of the year in your town!****


We look forward to the chance to speak with your committee to make sure they have the SAME maximum funds and publicity and awareness opportunities as each of our previous recipients (www.jazzforpeace.org/maxfunds and http://www.jazzforpeace.org//jfparticles.html).