Event Confirmation = "a clear path for you to be able to broaden your outreach."


This is actually because confirming your event allows the media, the potential sponsors, prestigious supporters, and of course the general public to turn its focus onto where it should be – onto YOU - and the mission and objectives that you want to achieve.(No, we are not made of Kryptonite - LOL! But thanks for asking)


While serving as a timely reminder to those who are already familiar with you, the confirmation of this event also confirms to those who are unfamiliar and don’t have the time to investigate on their own, that you already fit their requirements of being a real Organization that has real People, real Board Members, real Supporters and real Volunteers who want to make a Real Difference as opposed to anything less (such as a fancy web site with minimal substance trying to use images and text to wrangle donations).


It is this “separation of the Wheat from the Chaff” by simply following the "2 Easy Steps" to confirm your event with Funds already raised for you that cut’s a clear path for you to be able to broaden your outreach. And if you have ever physically walked through the forest, you know how incredibly helpful this advanced clearing of undergrowth and overgrowth can be to your experience and ability to achieve and navigate.


In Summary:


YOU believe in YOURSELVES.


Jazz for Peace believes in YOU.


Now it’s time to get the rest of the world ON BOARD!


Following the “2 Easy Steps” to confirm your event is where this Yellow Brick Road begins. And like our previous 800 recipients, we hope you will enjoy this journey together as we grow our Empowerment Tree (www.jazzforpeace.org/tree) for you.