QUESTION: Why is there a relatively quick deadline for event confirmation of the VIPs?


ANSWER: There are two important reasons for this:


1. To create a sense of urgency.

While it would rarely (if ever) be possible to buy an I-Phone, a car, dinner at a restaurant, or a concert ticket at more than 50% off of the regular price, it would NEVER be possible to ALSO have an entire month to think about it.

Commonly when such an opportunity is offered there is only a few hours or days at the absolute most that the offer is available.

However to receive a $100 discount to attend one of the best events of the year as well as receive an exclusive VIP Meet and Greet reception along with free food, drink and gifts depending on our various sponsors in support of a cause that you ALREADY believe in and would like to see succeed is an offer of an even higher percentage than these rarely discounted items above.

To cheapen the prestigious value of this opportunity by NOT requiring selected guests to make an immediate decision could create a sense of apathy or other types of less than enthusiastic responses that would clearly inhibit our mutual interests to maximize the full potential of this opportunity.

2. Momentum. 

Over the course of our 10 year history we have found that there has never previously been any benefit to  delay the most important component of this award.


However there is substantial upside to confirming your event quickly and that is the excitement and momentum that is created in addition to the maximum time that is now available for our staff to grow your Empowerment Tree.

As we have clearly outlined (, the biggest opportunity for funding via this award does not lie in the ROOTS, but of course in the growth of the tree itself.

Using this combination of unbeatable rewards along with a tight deadline to confirm your event quickly only enhances this result.

Delaying the process could at best still result in a less optimal result than the maximum funding capabilities that are possible by using the full momentum and excitement that is created by completing this step quickly to allow the Tree to begin to grow.

Keeping these important facts as well as the best interests of the success of your event in mind, we would of course be glad to discuss such an exception if it was absolutely necessary and in the best interests of confirming this event with the most limited downside results.


In other instances however, we would prefer to assist you to capitalize on the excitement and momentum gained by confirming your event on or before the deadline listed and with funds already raised for you!