Question: I live in a very poor country (or city). My VIP's are very interested, but they don't have money to pay. Can you please help me to complete this step?


Answer: Many people find this hard to believe but because of the red carpet treatment that we provide, VIP guests of honor actually GET paid to attend this event.


While our regular priced ticket is $50, and our full priced VIP ticket is $75, the VIP Guests of Honor that are specially chosen by your organization for this historic event pay only $25 per ticket.


Because of our various sponsors many VIPs at our events receive free beverages free food, and free gifts.


These amenities are provided to them for free at our special "VIP meet and greet" social hour that we also provide.


Because these free amenities often exceed the $25 that they pay for their ticket, they actually get paid to attend this event as you can see for your very own eyes by clicking on this link and watching our VIP ceremonies from previous events -!videos


So with this in mind here is how to complete this step:


1. Click on this link and review the "unprecedented achievements" and "awesome VIP rewards" with each one of your committee members.


(Be sure to watch with them the videos of VIP guest of honor ceremonies from our previous events)



2.  Now ask them if the $25 ticket price is reasonable for them and their friends and family to be the VIP guests of honor at an event in which more than $25 of beverages, food, gifts and other amenities depending upon on our various sponsors will be provided to them in addition to all of the other wonderful things this world-class cultural event will provide not only to them but to your outstanding organization.


3.  Should there for any reason still be a problem with the $25 ticket price we can now offer you our super saver VIP discount special which enables you to have 150 VIP guests of honor who will each be allowed to purchase up to a pair of VIP discount tickets (300 tickets total) for only $12.50 per ticket!


Please contact our grants administration department by email at or phone at 212-947-1104 to let us know if you would like to take advantage of this super saver VIP discount offer.