FAQ 4a - How are you able to break through the vicious cycle of getting funds, publicity and awareness to outstanding causes that were previously underfunded and under publicized?


Answer: At this link - https://jazzforpeace.org/welcome.htm (click on arrow at bottom of page) - you can read all about the Five Unprecedented Achievements that we turn into funding for the worlds greatest causes along with the performers of Jazz for Peace who have already performed over 850 concerts around the world (including four concerts in Africa) and have attracted the support of more world leaders than any other musical event in history including both Woodstock and Live Aid combined.


Many people ask us how we were able to actually achieve all of these events while so many others just stand around and talk about doing something for years and years while nothing ever gets accomplished.


One important reason for this is the VIP Guests of Honor for our events which make up the ROOTS of our empowerment tree (https://jazzforpeace.org/tree).


These roots are important to our donors because we are trying to help organizations who are under funded and under publicized and therefore most of our donors as well as our board of directors has never heard of these organizations before. It is much easier for them to just give the funds to organizations that they are already familiar with, however this does not satisfy our mission because the reason they are already familiar with other organizations is because those organizations are already well-funded and well-publicized.


By showing them the roots of your empowerment tree they are able to see that your organization consists of real people, real board members, real supporters and real volunteers who want to see you advance as 850 other organizations have already done by winning this grant.


We have tried every other way possible, but this is the one way that has ACTUALLY worked with convincing our board to give us the funds to help outstanding causes that are under funded and under publicized and who they have never heard of before.


At this page is a list of our grant recipients - https://jazzforpeace.org/testimonials/


As you can see from this list the majority of these grant recipients are organizations which consist of just a few outstanding men and women willing to make a positive change to this world via the wonderful cause which they believe in.


These organizations were able to gather their VIP guests of honor using word of mouth, email and local phone calls as well as other affordable methods such as our free step by step guidance, assistance and expertise which enables our recipients to enjoy as well as complete this step easily.


Our suggestion is to view this link above very carefully and go over all five of these unprecedented achievements with your potential VIP Committee Members so that we can guide you to success beginning with our proven VIP guest of honor method located at Step 1 of this link - https://jazzforpeace.org/flow- which has already worked over 850 times, so that our mutual goal to make this event a reality will actually be achieved and your Empowerment Tree can begin to grow.


Please let us know if you have any questions.