1. The cost of one regular ticket is $50 and the cost of one VIP ticket is $75.  However if a person is fortunate enough to be chosen as a VIP Guest of Honor the cost for their VIP ticket is only $25.  And because they are allowed to buy 2 tickets (so that their spouse, significant other, or whomever they would like to accompany them can also be a VIP) they get a $100 savings.



2. In addition to this truly great value, they get to attend a VIP meet and greet, and in MANY instances they also get free food, free beverages, and free gifts depending on our sponsors.


. A $100 savings to attend one of the world’s most significant cultural events.

. A VIP Meet and Greet Ceremony

. And in many instances Free Food

. Free Beverages

. And even Free gifts


All for only $25!


Please visit our Empowerment Tree at and click on the ROOTS to view one of our 800 "VIP Red Carpet Meet and Greet" social and networking hour gatherings that we provide to the friends, family, supporters and associates of our Empowerment Grant recipients as part of this prestigious award!



3. And let's not forget - They get to do all of this AND support an extremely worthy cause - YOU and your outstanding organization.


In other words: They not only get to attend a historic Jazz for Peace world class cultural event at a significant discount and with all these perks, but they get to do so knowing FOR SURE that their attendance and participation will truly help to Make Our World Better.



4. In addition to this outstanding opportunity for them, the VIP Guests of Honor also help YOU by:


A. Enabling you to confirm your event in advance and with funds already raised for you.


B. Helping you raise Maximum Sustainable funds by bringing you closer to the 100% to you level ( )


C. Help this event to be confirmed quickly so that our staff of world class cultural event planners can begin working right away FOR YOU on your behalf and with plenty of time and energy to allow each branch of our Empowerment Tree to begin to grow for your benefit.



5. After over 10 years and over 800 events we have never had a single VIP Guest of Honor be anything less than completely satisfied.


This step allows us, via the names of the Board and additional members that you have added to make up your VIP Invite Committee, to create a winning Grant Application to submit to our Board so that this acclaimed Grant can be justly awarded to your deserving organization and then go on to confirm this historic event for your outstanding cause with funds already raised for you!


With your confirmed event we can now begin the most important step of all for your future by Growing your Empowerment Tree with the full expertise of our experienced staff ( to achieve our goal to make your event one of the most successful Jazz for Peace Events ever!


For additional information about this important step click HERE