Dear Empowerment Tree Grant Recipient,


Now that your event has been confirmed with funds already raised for you and the ROOTS of your 

Empowerment Tree are in place we are in the drivers seat to be able to obtain an outstanding venue by offering the exact same World Class assurances of our previous 800 successful events by giving them the professional and required guarantee that this event will DEFINITELY take place  -


BELOW is the info for local business sponsorships and an example of one of our Flyers with the 5 sponsor slots.Whether you decide to go with Five $500 businesses or Five $250 businesses this step will be a great help in addition to the VIP Guests of Honor to get us to that ALL IMPORTANT 100% to You Goal!


To help your favorite local businesses:  5 Open Slots ONLY – NO MORE NO LESS (See Example Below)


$500 buys 10 pairs of tickets (WITH VIP ACCESS AND FREEBIES!) plusFREE Advertising! – a $1450 Value!!!! 


It really IS “too good to be true”!


In order to promote outstanding local businesses in our communities, we are offering free advertising to a select group of five that are chosen by our recipient organizations.

This special group of outstanding local businesses will be the very first companies advertised in conjunction with this world class cultural event and fundraiser starting with the initial flyer.

In addition we are offering each chosen business 10 pairs of tickets to this World Class Cultural Event

This gives each local business the opportunity to receive free publicity as well as reward customer loyalty and develop NEW clients by offering them a pair of $90 tickets to this United Nations 10th Anniversary Celebration World Class Cultural Event considered by many to be “The Most Significant Cultural Event of Our Time!” along with VIP Access to an outstanding social, cultural and networking event and all associated “FREEBIES” that come with it!

This free advertising offer has proven through our past events to help promote and increase business all while helping an outstanding local charity right here in your community!

For very small local businesses $250 buys 5 pairs of tickets plus free advertising. A $725 value!

Click for Example:


We also offer sponsorships to other businesses that will be on both our advance publicity as well as the program the day of the show....  I will send that in a separate email...


Debra R. Cerritelli - Senior Event Coordinator- Jazz for Peace
John DeAngelis - Event Coordinator
Marie France - International Correspondent
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