From the desk of our founder.

HELP US PLANT THE ROOTS”, so we can Grow your Empowerment Tree!

Dear Grant Candidates,

I am delighted to let you know that I have been blessed with an extraordinary group of Staff and Volunteers who assist us to uphold the very high standards of success which are demanded by the prestigious supporters of this program as detailed HERE.

In addition to my own personal observation, numerous donors to our program have also written to me to verify the extraordinary commitment and dedication our staff and volunteers have demonstrated to uphold these lofty standards as detailed HERE.

Of course there is no better testament to our staff and volunteers than the actual words of our Grant Recipients, who place this same trust in them as we do no matter how unique and different their event may be than any other in order to enable the rest of our team including myself to perform our specific duties as founder and overseer.

However in order to remain at this high level of achievement it is important that we do not rest on our laurels, which is why I am taking this opportunity to share with you a little bit about our organization and the services we provide.

While many people in the general public and media feel that our greatest achievement is earning the reputation as “One of the most significant cultural events of our time!, I personally disagree.

I believe that our greatest achievement is more of the philanthropic nature.

This is because every outstanding Cause, Project, or Artist eventually reaches a point where they are convinced of the importance to not only thank, reward and rejuvenate their supporters, but also EXPAND this vital constituency. On our Empowerment Tree this is called "Helping us plant the ROOTS”. And for those causes, artists, and projects (over 850 so far) who fit this most basic of needs, this funding is extremely UN-complicated.

By executing a proven model which provides tremendous value to our donors, we are able to provide funding to outstanding organizations and projects who normally can’t get funded because they are not well-known enough, while at the same time can’t get well-known because they are not funded enough.

To obtain this Grant an organization of any size, shape or form can simply complete their WIN GRANT Form by submitting the names (no contact info or email addresses - JUST NAMES) of the select group of people chosen by them within their surrounding team who are going to “GET PAID” by the Jazz for Peace Foundation to attend this World Class Cultural Event as detailed HERE!

By breaking this vicious cycle and long-standing “Catch-22”, we are proud to be one of an extremely select group amongst the voting rights members at the Council on Foundations who have become a trustworthy pipeline for promoting relatively unknown organizations to prestigious donors and Grant Giving Foundations. This enables us to promote you to those who would otherwise only consider supporting the tried and true “Big Names” in Philanthropy and Culture for fear that by not having the time to conduct their own thorough investigation, their financial or other form of support might risk potential damage to their name and reputation.

Our decade plus record of unprecedented achievements has not only won their hard earned trust, but also provides a tremendous value to our Grant Recipients that would be nearly impossible to put an actual price tag on. However it is not only this “Pipeline of Trust” - but many other priceless attributes that this Grant has proven to provide, that when added to the more “tangible” funding results are the reason why so many people who have not yet experienced this program first hand read our testimonial letters and describe this Grant as too good to be true (see FAQ #8). Of course our 850 Grant recipients know better (which is why we print their letters on our testimonials page), and those of a spiritual nature are also quite keen to the importance of these intangible yet sustainable qualities that have proven vital to the future of any outstanding cause or project.

With so much acclaim, so much achievement, and therefore so much at stake, our staff members and volunteers are restricted to following the strict guidelines deemed necessary by our board to deliver the success and value that our prestigious supporters and donors have come to rely on and expect. In order to assure that these High Standards are being followed, we also have a “Checks and Balances review process” of correspondence to make sure that our staff is very much on track to make your event every bit the “ Helpful Step Forward” for you that our prestigious supporters, previous Grant Recipients, and worldwide followers have come to depend on! If at any time you feel that any details or correspondence is not up to these lofty standards which I have described please feel free to let us know, and I will be glad to review the response from the appropriate staff member to each and every question and inquiry.

Please note that almost all of our frequently asked questions are detailed in the FAQ Link located at the bottom of this page:

It should also be noted that staff members can be expected to be responsible in pointing out that there eventually comes the stage where time spent planting the roots is taken away from time spent growing the tree. Which is why a combination of our most successful Roots planting techniques will be utilized to enable this event to be confirmed within the designated timeframe so that we can begin the process that we are the most famous for: 


Should a greater power than any of us mere mortals wish for your organization or project to be provided the same professionalism, commitment, dedication and “Helpful Step Forward” that we have successfully provided to 850 others,  then I look forward with great anticipation to the opportunity to get your Grant approved and your event confirmed for you as quickly as possible so the magic that our previous Grant recipients know so well can begin.


Rick DellaRatta - Founder, Jazz for Peace

We’ve made a difference for 850 outstanding causes. Help us do the same for you.

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HOW TO GET FUNDED: Near the top of our Grant details page - - is the one sentence that sums up this Grant:

SIGN UP ALL YOUR VIP’s – let Jazz for Peace do the rest!” 

By signing up your VIPs you “Help us plant the roots….” 

Now Jazz for Peace Foundation can do the rest as they “Grow your Empowerment Tree!helping you get “from where you are now – to where you need to be!” Raising funds; publicity and awareness; sponsors; rewarding, rejuvenating and expanding your donor base; securing new and prestigious supporters; long term benefits and more! 

To obtain funding simply prove your legitimacy by submitting your WIN GRANT Form with 2 Page Grant Application.

Your properly submitted WIN GRANT Form is our proof that just like our previous 850 Grant Recipients, you are a legitimate organization or project worthy and deserving of the benefits of advancement that this highly reputable and acclaimed Grant provides.

Because of the many proven techniques we share and extraordinary assistance available to each Grant candidate, we have never had a legitimate organization be unable to attain this funding.

So if you would like to obtain this funding both quickly and easily, please allow our Grant Administration Dept. to assist you with their proven techniques and guidance.

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