Jazz for Peace Instrument Donation Program/ Michael Jackson Legacy Foundation Partnership hits first Home Run!

Sept. 3, 2011

Dear Lovers of Music and of Children Worldwide,

I am ecstatic to report that our partnership with the Michael Jackson Legacy organizations “Make a Better World Foundation” and “Celebrate Shamone” has already hit our very first home run – though it may actually be a Grand Slam – I’ll leave that up to YOU to decide!

First Instrument to be donated:

Manuel Rodriguez e hijos Classical Guitar made in Madrid, Spain and SIGNED by the guitar maker himself in perfect condition and ready to be played immediately.


  • Guitar Carrying Case
  • Guitar Stand
  • Foot stand
  • A Beautiful CEDAR Wood Music Stand (NOT your normal metal stand – we’ve actually never seen a music stand quite like this one!)
  • Korg Chromatic Tuner
  • Full Set of D’Addario PRO Guitar Strings

Just to give you a rough under-estimate: We looked around on the internet and the cheapest Guitar of this kind we could find was $1,565.99 – USED. Unfortunately that guitar is unsigned, has NO accessories, and is unverifiable in terms of its condition.

And guess what folks: We’re just getting started!

Stay tuned for details and photos on the official donation of this instrument which will take place later this month along with many more instruments set to be donated in the coming months via this wonderful partnership!

SO - THANK YOU Michael Jackson Legacy organizations “Make a Better World Foundation” and “Celebrate Shamone”,

THANK YOU Michael Jackson FANS for making our Aug. 29th event possible and for ALREADY getting started on the June 23rd, 2012 event in LA,

and THANK YOU Michael Jackson!

Stay tuned for much much more!