International Concert Series

After historic concerts in Africa (click here for details) and Brazil (click here for details), Jazz for Peace™ returns to help our country’s finest organizations!"

Jazz for Peace is proud of the success of our International events.  For these special events our board generously allows each recipient organization additional VIP's of 50 pairs or more on a case by case basis.


What we ask of you 


1.  We require only a few minutes of your time to help us say “Thank You!”

to your 75 favorite friends, family and supporters of you, your Board Members and your Organization by simply emailing them the VIP Invite which we create for you and following the “2 Easy Steps” Below enabling these VIP “Guests of Honor” to purchase or sponsor a pair of tickets at a significant discount and partake in other VIP opportunities (free food, drink etc.) that may be offered.


Click here to see our VIP Meet and Greet Social Networking Opportunity Example:


The “2 EASY STEPS”: Here are the “2 EASY STEPS” for you and your Board to invite and confirm 75 Guests of Honor for your event:


1.    Each board member (and anyone else that you would like to be able to invite their family and friends at a discount!) should make a list of between 25 – 50 names comprising their very closest family members, friends, acquaintances and supporters and also hi-light a small handful of those names (7-10 people) as people they would be willing to follow up with by phone or in person.


2.    Simultaneously email the Jump Start Letter to your longer list and follow up by phone or in person to your shorter list making a note of each verbal commitment that you receive for a pair of discount tickets each! 

Be sure to ask them if they had read the Jump Start Letter for the event and watched the video and if they are as excited about what they read and watched as you are, and let them know that you would “Really like them to be one of the 75 very special Guests of Honor and save $50 on their pair of discount tickets as well as partake in any and all VIP entitlements (click here for VIP Example) at this truly wonderful celebration!”


If you have 9 board members and they get 7 people each you now have the 75 pairs of tickets needed to announce the event with money already earned for your organization!


Click HERE for Additional Clarification and Assistance for VIP Committee members
*****Don't be surprised if by using this technique you end up with more than 75 pairs pre-sold. - If so we will extend our Jazz for Peace Discount to cover the overage and give you $10 per ticket for every ticket that exceeds the 75th pair!******




 Many of our previous recipients have complained about having to exhaust the same donor base every year. In response to that the Jazz for Peace Empowerment Grant gives outstanding organizations the opportunity to bring on new supporters, sponsors, publicity and awareness, partnerships and more while at the same time the chance to thank their most favored members and supporters by “cherry picking” them to be the “VIP Guests of Honor” at this world class cultural event by following these “2 easy steps” above.


Now Easier to Jump Start than Ever!


We are excited to help outstanding organizations like yours and our stellar list of over 800 previous recipients! One thing that we have found helpful is to communicate to your board members a few of the “fast facts” so that board members can really see exactly why this Benefit Concert Series is considered by President Obama, Clinton, McCain, Kucinich, Nader, Bloomberg, Unicef, The Red Cross, and even the Prime Minister of Kenya, Africa to be “One of the most significant cultural events of our time!”.  

(see what one of our events looks like from start to finish at this link)


These links above should give each board member the confidence they need to follow the “2 easy steps” required so we can easily confirm this event allowing our staff to do their job ( to make your event a success.



Jazz For Peace™ reinforces what history has proven, ...

"Jazz creates a positive effect that transforms & unites people; thus transcending the barriers of different cultures & beliefs."

"The art form of Jazz has the ability to effect people in profoundly positive ways"

"Click for Example"


***** Jazz For Peace™ reaches out to individuals and organizations on both sides of conflicting issues, believing that if we as a species embrace qualities such as creativity, artistry, intellectuality, humanity, individuality, etc. we will all have a better chance at avoiding the behavior that leads to destruction.*****

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