Rick DellaRatta and Jazz for peace Event

for Samburu Tribal Advancement in

Salt Lake City Utah on July 30, 2010



                                                                                                         July 29, 2010

"The significant efforts between Rick DellaRatta and Jazz for Peace have resulted in enormous benefits to organizations, groups, and charities all over the world.

Ralph Becker - Mayor - Salt lake City, Utah                             (click here to see letter)                                


Rick DellaRatta addressing the crowd at the Jazz for Peace concert for 
Samburu Tribal Advancement at Snowbird on July 30, 2010
Jazz for Peace founder Rick DellaRatta and Snowbird co-founder Wilma 
Johnson of Samburu Tribal Advancement.
Rick with Snowbird Season Ticket Holder and Jazz fan Pete Marcus.

Rick with a few of the many happy attendees at the Jazz for Peace 
concert at Snowbird on July 30, 2010


Rick decided to take Mayor Becker"s advice and "enjoy some of the 
wonderful things that the Salt Lake City area has to offer"!