Quick & Easy ABC Checklist!

As detailed in our introductory video and additional information page , a Jazz for Peace Grant provides a “Helpful Step Forward” to an outstanding cause such as yours in the following 6 ways:

1. EXPAND your Donor and Support (Fan) Base
2. Thank, reward, honor and REJUVENATE the supporters you already have.
3. Obtain more Sponsors!
4. New & PRESTIGIOUS supporters.
5. Greater Publicity and Awareness.
6. And last but not least – to be better FUNDED.
These are the 6 Branches of our Empowerment Tree that we grow for each Grant recipient as detailed on our Grant Benefits Page and in the easy instructional videos below.
Over 850 Grants have already been awarded to the worlds most outstanding causes, artists and projects in part because of this “Quick & Easy ABC Checklist” below that prepares you to Helps Us Introduce You To Our Board and then Jump Start the fundraising process by “confirming your event with funds already raised for you!”.

Easy ABC Checklist.

A. Watch our 3 minute Video – How to get a Grant in 3 and 1/2 minutes!

B. Click on this link and send us your comment!  – This easy step “Helps Us Introduce You To Our Board”.

C. Click HERE to learn how to share your personalized Fundraising letter with your Team Members, Friends, Family and Supporters!  – And let the Jazz for Peace Grant Dept. Grow your Empowerment Tree and “confirm your event with funds already raised for you!”

After reviewing the “ABC Checklist” above with your team, the next step is simply to contact us for Grant funding approval.
Please let us know if you are ready for our team to assist you to successfully complete your Grant Application so we can make your world class cultural fundraising event one of our greatest ever!