“Dear Rick….Cindy and I would like to commend the Staff and Volunteers for all of their hard work and devotion on behalf of such an outstanding cause.” - United States Senator John McCain


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Words to our Volunteers from Jazz for Peace Foundation founder - Rick DellaRatta.


How ordinary people just like you became heroes. 


Dear Volunteers,


Please Click HERE to see what has been achieved collectively by our many hundreds of “Joe Schmo’s” (as one of our most beloved volunteers often refers to himself as) who have graced us with the privilege of their volunteer time over the past decade.


Here is the actual volunteer opportunity that led to all of those lettersClick HERE.


As you can see, some of these letters are from outstanding causes in your country, region, state, or even city or town.


Incredibly, as some have described it, this amazing list of letters from recipients whom The Jazz for Peace Foundation has had the privilege to make a difference for was mostly achieved by a whole bunch of people just like you from all over the world who volunteered just a few minutes of their time each to contact an outstanding cause or causes by email using our official grant intro letter  and in some cases by phone or in person.


Basically, a whole lot of people spending just a little bit of time each.


I prefer to call them Heroes.


Because these are the people who got us where we are today, so that people like you can take us to where we will be tomorrow.


This amazing group has included:


A. Single Moms – some of whom work more than 1 job.

B. Unemployed people in between jobs and looking for jobs.

C. Students at both the High School and College level.

D. Teachers

E. Firemen

F. Police Officers

G. Members of our armed forces

H. Retirees from all walks of life.

I. Young kids who had only recently learned how to send an email.

J. People with troubled histories looking to make a new lease on life.

K. And people who fit none of the above descriptions who simply feel that “Helping those who are helping others” is the right thing to do.


A “Joe Schmo Hero” can join our Volunteer Team for a few minutes, hours, days/weeks, or in some instances longer as it is entirely up to you.


We’re just glad you are here and making such an incredible difference for the 800 organizations you just read about in the link above via one of our most simple, easy and fun volunteer tasks or any of the many others listed below.


To become a volunteer for Jazz for Peace, simply click on our "Volunteer Questionnaire – (Click HERE) " and then click on the submit button at the bottom of the form.


Should you decide to join this vibrant team and become one of our “Heroes of Tomorrow”, this note is to let you know that we will ESPECIALLY be honored to have you on board!





   Please complete our VOLUNTEER QUESTIONNAIRE , review the article and our many volunteer opportunities listed by clicking HERE, and call us at 212-947-1104 so that we can go over the latest opportunities and find the right one for you!


FAQ:  How can I be a part of these unprecedented achievements and earn money at the same time? (Click Here for answer)