Because of our unique model to Empower our recipients in the numerous benefits listed on our Empowerment Tree (, it would be quite difficult as well as impractical to try to tally a specific dollar figure. However to more realistically give you a better idea of an example of the impact of this Benefit Concert Series:

       Six years ago we were contacted by the Centro Ecolgico Akumal environmental organization in Mexico to see if we could help them save over 2 million endangered Sea Turtles and a coral reef whose habitat and spawning grounds was being threatened by human development. Promoting their mission of environmental sustainability through the cultivation of eco-friendly tourists, we put on an event for them in Feb. of the following year utilizing as well as sharing with them all of the building blocks of our Empowerment Tree as outlined in the link above.

     This original event for them has been repeated every year since at this same Feb. timeframe and last years event ALONE raised over $70,000. The enormous publicity and awareness raised has not only saved the sea turtles and the coral reef but has generated numerous improvements making the entire region in BETTER shape than before. Sponsors that came on board for their very first event are still sponsoring them today.

So as you can see, it is the opportunity for recipient organizations to benefit in sustainable ways both in the near term as well as for years to come that is one of the most exciting aspects of this grant.


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$$$$$$ ****In addition to ticket sales:  Below is FOUR more ways that we raise funds for you! $$$$$$$


Click below for FOUR more ways that we raise funds for you!


1-  Click here for info on our Buyout Program which has raised as much as a quarter of a million dollars for a   

recipient organization in one evening!

2- Click here to find out about our prestigious Honorary Ambassador Awards Program!

3- Click here to find out more about our world wide Cybercast Concerts

4- Below are a few of the results from our Sponsorship Program which raises additional funds for all of our concerts:  

Sample Programs and Fliers from Past Events
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Program for MLK

Program for Margaret Tietz
    Flier for Yemin Orde

Program for Bound Brook t
Program for Awakening Sanctuary t
Program for Award Ceremony 4/1/07t
cont'd. award program

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