FAQ: How can we work together with our board and VIP Invite Committee to pre-sell the VIP Guest of Honor discount tickets enabling us to "Jump-Start" our event with money already raised for our Organization?


Now Easier to Jump Start than Ever!


One thing that we have found helpful is to communicate to your board members exactly why this Benefit Concert Series is considered by President Obama, Clinton, McCain, Kucinich, Nader, Bloomberg, Unicef, The Red Cross, and even the Prime Minister of Kenya, Africa to be One of the most significant cultural events of our time!


Here is our Unprecedented Achievements Link:  https://jazzforpeace.wordpress.com/about/unprecedented-achievements/



Once you have viewed that please take a moment and enjoy these videos: http://www.wix.com/jfpgrants/10th#!videos



These links above should give each board member the confidence they need to follow the 2 easy steps required:


(1.) Emailing the special VIP Jump Start Letter to 25-50 of their very closest family members, friends, acquaintances and supporters.


(2. ) Following up with at least 8 or more of those people by phone or in person to make sure they have read the letter and understand the significance, prestige, and savings of being a VIP Guest of Honor to obtain their commitment.



Now we can easily confirm this event with funds already raised for you and thereby allow our staff to do their job (https://jazzforpeace.org/jfptree.htm) to make your event a success:



 If you have 8 board members and they invite 4 to 5 people each (including themselves of course) you now have the 45 pairs of tickets needed to announce the event with money already earned for your organization!


*****Don't be surprised if by using this technique you end up with more than 35 - 75 pairs pre-sold. - If so we will extend our Jazz for Peace Discount to cover the overage and give you from $7 to $10 per ticket for every additional VIP ticket sale.


Should you decide to follow our guidance and have VIP Invite Committee of 15 members or more (a combination of board members and other enthusiastic friends and supporters), they will only need to invite 4 VIP’s each for you to have 75 pairs of tickets and with our additional assistance can now easily graduate to the 100% to you level as detailed at www.jazzforpeace.org/maxfunds .


For International events granted 75 VIPs or more please click HERE

For Additional Clarification and Assistance for VIP Committee members please read below.


Dear Jazz for Peace VIP Committee members,


In my many hundreds of concerts there have been numerous VIP Committee members who accidentally invited members of the general public to be a VIP Guest of Honor because they perhaps were confused as to the difference between the close family member, friend and supporter who we are asking to become a VIP Guest of Honor, and a member(s) of the general public whom we are NOT asking to be our honored guests.


The reason you can always tell that a member of the general public has been invited and not a true VIP Guest of Honor is because a member of the general public will in many cases need to know the name of the venue first – whereas a true VIP guest of honor will always be able to trust the person inviting them just as yours or my best friend or brother or sister or previous supporters of my organization would trust me.


For example:


If I were on a VIP committee, two of the people that I would be asking to be a VIP guest of honor would be my best friend and my brother.


My very best friend in the entire world would never tell me that I had to go and obtain a venue before he would accept my invitation to be a Guest of Honor at an event that was of such importance to me and the cause I am standing up for.


Nor would my Brother, Sister, closest and most trusted confidantes, and supporters ask me to go and get a venue before they would accept their invitation to be a VIP Guest of Honor at what many will consider to be the most significant cultural event of the year in their city.


However a very big problem is caused when a person on a VIP Committee does not reach out to their best friend or brother or supporters and reaches out instead to the general public.


That is because of these two reasons.


1. The general public did not offer the assistance, support, encouragement, love, friendship and other things that a best friend, a brother or sister, or a previous contributor has given and therefore does not deserve to be invited as an honored guest.


2. The general public should not be invited until the VIP Guests of Honor are already in place and the concert is confirmed and the venue has been announced just like the person who mistakenly invites them as such will also conclude.


In summary: Now that you have agreed to be a part of the VIP Committee for your upcoming event: Please make a list of your very favorite friends, family members, confidantes, associates and supporters (25 – 50 or so), email them the Jump Start Letter and follow up by phone of in person to at least 8-10 of them, and support your other committee members to do the same.


Remember:  A member of the General Public may or may not jump at the chance to HELP you to confirm your event as well as receive a substantial savings, be a part of the VIP Meet and Greet, and all of the other perks that come along with it.


But a True VIP Guest of Honor, who at the very least cares about you, and is proud of what you and your organization are doing – WILL GLADLY DO SO!