Jazz for Peace has FIVE reasons to attend this event – and adding your outstanding cause now gives us SIX reasons!


                                          A letter of encouragement to all VIP INVITE Committee Members.


EMPOWERMENT TREE GRANTS – The worldwide leader in cultural philanthropy. Click HERE for details.


Dear VIP Committee Member,


I first want to say thank you so much for being a member of this committee to advance the cause of our outstanding Empowerment Tree Grant Recipient.


YOU are indeed part of the solution!


Since 94% of people come to our shows accompanied, we are proud to note that the average VIP Committee Member gathers 6 VIP Guests of Honor and accounts for 12 tickets total.


                       Here is the link with instructions and details so that can you easily get there!   


                                                                      Click HERE



However we strongly believe that you deserve MUCH more!


So here goes:


In addition to the outstanding cause that this event is raising funds, publicity and awareness for (reason enough to attend), I must admit - and please correct me if I am wrong - that I am unaware of a single event going on during the week of our event in your area by anyone with a single unprecedented achievement.


Jazz for Peace has FIVE - http://www.ljjm.biz/#!unprecedented-achievements


                                 FIVE Unprecedented Achievements in the Arts and Philanthropy


How could it possibly be that I haven’t heard about a single one of these things on my TV that talks about Celebrity Drug Addictions and Sovereign Debt default?

                                           The answer is – VERY EASILY!!!!


The list of people over the course of history with unprecedented achievements that the VAST majority of people during their time went their ENTIRE lives without ever once experiencing is truly a spectacular one and includes people from Vincent Van Gogh to Leonardo Da Vinci to Mozart to Charlie Parker and even our founders mentor Dizzy Gillespie (who gave him his first break in music as his opening act and MC at the age of 19!).


The fact of the matter is that the people who completely missed out on those works of fine art, symphonic debuts, jazz innovations etc. etc. etc. DIDN’T actually do anything better on those evenings. Whether it was the “lack of publicity”…..or because “none of their friends were already going”…..or “someone cute might be stopping by the local bowling alley”…..who knows?


They just did something else and simply missed it. Exactly like whomever the people that we don’t know are that will miss this event.


However we want to make sure you know that whoever you are able to talk into doing the right thing and attending this event will be EXTREMELY glad once they attended and experienced it - that this time - they DIDN’T miss out!


But please don’t take my word for it – go by the words of the people that have already attended - https://jazzforpeace.org/testimonials/


So if FIVE UNPRECEDENTED ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE ARTS AND PHILANTHROPY (not to even mention the $50 Savings and other rewards on VIP Guest of Honor tickets) really isn’t enough – then I guarantee you:


 the outstanding cause represented by our Grant Recipient definitely IS!!!


So if right now is an extremely bad time for you to do your fullest potential to make sure that everyone you know is in attendance at this event – then instead of doing that - please simply work closely with us to do the average by gathering a few VIP Guests of Honor who you can be guaranteed will be thanking you for many years to come for helping them to do the right thing by attending the most significant cultural event of our time while truly making a difference for an extraordinary and worthy cause.


Thanks for taking this time and I look forward to the opportunity to assist you towards this little step forward that means a lot  - not only to the people who dedicate their lives to this outstanding cause, but to the vital mission that is served by their selfless efforts.



John De Angelis – Grant Administrator – Empowerment Tree Grant Program for Nonprofits Changing our world one Grant at a time….

By sharing proven fundraising techniques combined with personal coaching, step by step guidance, world class cultural event planning experience and expertise, and more at no cost to you, the Jazz for Peace Grant Administration team has helped more than 800 organizations obtain their VIP Guests of Honor on the way to turning Unprecedented Achievements in the Arts and Philanthropy into maximum funding for their outstanding cause. Grant Hotline: 212-202-0515, Skype: Jazzmgmt, Main: 212-947-1104


Empowerment Tree Grants - a subsidiary of: The Jazz for Peace Foundation – First in Cultural Philanthropywww.jazzforpeace.org - 400 W43 St. New York, NY – Voting Member of: Council on Foundations.


Additional Clarification:


Because we’ve had over 800 events, we’ve heard the same “OMG! – there are SO MANY EVENTS happening on that day!” and had to troubleshoot this many times.


What we’ve found is that for the person who has not been communicated the basics of this event – www.ljjm.biz – there indeed ARE so many events that are going on that day such as:

1.      weddings

2.      bat mitzvahs

3.      street fairs

4.      plays

5.      film festivals

6.      museum exhibits

7.      Even an all you can drink karaoke night!


Now lets look at the choices for the person who HAS been communicated the basics of this event – (www.ljjm.biz)


For the first time in Jazz History, a single musical event plays a prominent role in World history.


Hmmmn……………..How many events going on in your town on that day compare to this description?


…Uniting more world leaders and prestigious supporters than any other previous musical event.


Now - How many events going on in your town on that day compare to these two descriptions combined?


Are we down to just a few if we are lucky?


Good. - Lets add this last one:


Creating the unprecedented opportunity to help over 800 Causes Worldwide through a Benefit Concert Series that is now considered by world leaders including President Barack Obama, Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton, Senator John McCain, Governor Peter Shumlin, Congressman Alcee Hastings, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Prime Minister Raila Odinga (Africa), Labor Secretary Marcos Cintra (Brazil), And so many, many more to be "The Most Significant Cultural Event of Our Time!" - With this concert for your Outstanding Cause being The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the historic Jazz for Peace Concert at the United Nations that started it all!


Now, with this knowledge – Please let me know how many comparable events are going on in your town that day.


And of such events - how many people are available who live in this specific region to possibly attend them?


Keep in mind that we could certainly change the date. However since most of the time the new conclusion is - “there actually AREN’T many comparable events going on that day after all”, we haven’t had to change a date yet.


But that doesn’t mean there can’t be a first time and we are certainly flexible.


So far, we’ve found that communicating the SIGNIFICANCE of this event to potential attendees has proven to be far more important to the success of the event than choosing a different day.



Grant Administration Dept. - Empowerment Tree Grant Program for Outstanding Causes 


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