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Click Here to see Rick DellaRatta's phenomenal live performance on Boston TV in September 2007 and   here for his NBC TELEVISION  appearance on May 25th, 2007 to help raise Funds, Publicity and Awareness for our chosen recipients!

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Fast Facts:

* US Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama joins Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Michael Bloomberg, Dennis Kucinich and many more in support of Rick DellaRatta and Jazz for Peace! (Click here for details!)

* In March 2007 jazz pianist, vocalist and composer Rick DellaRatta was recognized by The Foundation Center as one of the top musician philanthropists of our time along with Bono (U2), Elton John, Peter Gabriel and Sting. 

 * Rick DellaRatta and Jazz for Peace performed at the United Nations in New York on September 25, 2002. He led a band consisting of Israeli, Palestinian and American musicians in concert for an international audience in what is now considered “One of the most significant cultural events of our time!”  

 *  This U.N. Concert has led to a benefit concert series that has gone on to raise funds, publicity and awareness for over 500 non-profit organizations, garnered support and praise from distinguished Americans and attended and enjoyed by ambassadors, celebrities, humanitarians, and music lover’s worldwide! 

Throughout the year in 2008 Jazz for Peace will be celebrating the 5th Anniversary of this historic event!

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*For more information on this cause, click on the Jazz for Peace web site at or contact Debra R. Cerritelli at 212-947-1104.

**** Jazz For Peace™ reaches out to individuals and organizations on both sides of conflicting issues, believing that if we as a species embrace qualities such as creativity, artistry, intellectuality, humanity, individuality, etc. we will all have a better chance at avoiding the behavior that leads to destruction.****