Additional Clarification and Time Saving Tips:

To help you and your Board decide who will be allowed to invite the VIP Guests of Honor for this historic event.

Here is a timesaving tip that we have learned from our previous events that may be helpful and timesaving for you as well.


Ask a few of the very closest members of your organization (most often these are board members but can sometimes include non board members in addition) to take just one or 2 minutes to click on your personal VIP Invite Committee Link that we will provide for you (, and while looking at the information either click on the submit button at the bottom or offer you feedback.



From here we could arrange a conference call with a few of these people to go over the information in the link above as well as the information below should additional clarification be requested.



By simply emailing our Jump Start Invitation that we create for you to 25 – 50 people and following up with a handful of them by phone or email inviting them to CA$H IN on the $50 savings and special VIP rewards outlined at this link:, a VIP INVITE Committee member helps us get the ROOTS in place QUICKLY ( so that we have plenty of time to promote this event to the general public and grow each Branch of our Empowerment Tree.



Having these “ROOTS” in place quickly enables our Team begin the process of growing your Empowerment Tree. This is ESPECIALLY important if you are a busy, overwhelmed and/or understaffed organization with a lot on your plate – click here for additional clarification -



Based on the guidelines of what qualifies as a true VIP Guest of Honor for this event (Brother, Sister, best friend, closest and most trusted confidantes, supporters etc. as detailed HERE), each VIP INVITE Committee member generally has anywhere from 3 – 9 people in their world who would easily qualify. By following the 2 easy steps of emailing our Jump Start Letter with your event date and time on it to 25-50 of their closest and most important and special people each and following up with 8-10 of those people either by phone or in person to make sure they received and read the information as well as answer any questions that they might have these 3-9 people per person on average are easily obtained.



While the mid to high end range of this estimation is more likely the norm, even in the very lowest range scenario, 11 VIP INVITE  Committee Members gathering just 3 VIPs each who are willing to be honored at this event (while saving $50 on their pair of tickets as well as the option to attend a VIP ceremony that may have free food, free drinks, free gifts and more as part of one of the most amazing concerts that they will go to the entire year while helping an equally amazing cause that their loved one is a core member or supporter of) is still a total including themselves of 44 VIPs (88 tickets total) which is more than enough to confirm this event with funds already raised for you AND enable us to show the general public, the press and media, prestigious supporters, potential sponsors and prospective venues EXACTLY what they are looking for – a prestigious event with a long track record of proven success that has been CONFIRMED in the very same way as all of our other greatest events.



Now with these wonderful, strong ROOTS in place ( we can obtain the venue (on strong negotiating terms), print the tickets, generate publicity, flyer, press release, sponsors etc. etc. and begin inviting all of the NON VIP guests.



Please let me know if you or any of your VIP INVITE Committee Members has any questions about this important step (ROOTS) which will enable us to begin to actually grow our Empowerment Tree and achieve our Goal for your event to be one of our most successful events ever.


Details about your VIP INVITE Letter that you will use to form your committee.

Your personal VIP INVITE Letter (Click HERE) informs your prospective VIP Committee Member of FOUR wonderful reasons to accept this invitation.


Box 1 - Details the UNPRECEDENTED ACHIEVEMENTS  in the Arts and Philanthropy which will be used to raise funds, publicity and awareness as well as all of the other Branches of our Empowerment Tree ( and offers them supporting links should they desire additional information.


Box 2 – Tells them that they will be able to offer their chosen guests AWESOME VIP REWARDS saving each one of them a whopping $50 on their tickets along with numerous other VIP amenities that are ALSO detailed with supporting links should they desire more clarification.


Box 3 – Details the EASY STEPS THAT THEY WILL FOLLOW to help us confirm this event with funds already raised for you.


Box 4 – Assures them that JAZZ FOR PEACE WIIL BE THERE TO HELP with the same assistance as our 800 previous Grant Recipients.


The next step will be to email the Personal VIP INVITE Committee Outreach Link (Click HERE to see sample letters for you to use) to the other prospective VIP Committee members asking them to review the information and then click Submit at the bottom of the form to join.


We can now go forward to obtain the Funding Approval which will allow each committee member to begin the process of emailing the Jump Start letter that we will create for you to their 25 – 50 favorite people, following up with at least 8-10 of them by phone or in person and securing the commitment of a few VIP’s each thereby enabling us to confirm this event with funds already raised for you and grow all of the other Branches of our Empowerment Tree ( to make your event one of our most successful Jazz for Peace Benefit Concerts ever!


For example: By each Committee member emailing the Jump Start letter to 25-50 people and following up with a handful by phone or in person a Committee of 7 members only needs to obtain 4 VIP’s Each (who purchase or sponsor a pair of VIP Tickets each) to have 35 VIP Guests of Honor.


A Committee of 25 members only needs to obtain 2 VIP’s Each (who purchase or sponsor a pair of VIP Tickets each) to have 75 VIP Guests of Honor.