Question: Please tell me everything I need to know about the VIP Invite Committee.


1. How does a VIP Invite Committee Member differ from the regular VIP’s?


2. Who should be on this prestigious “Committee that invites the VIP Guests”?  


3. Do you have a recent timeline for funding that we could refer to?


4. Can we put our VIP Committee Outreach Letter or our Jump Start Letter up on Facebook? 





VIP Guest of Honor Advantages - Our regular priced ticket for our events is $50 per ticket and $75 per VIP ticket.


However, someone who is chosen by you to be a VIP Guest of Honor can purchase a VIP ticket for themselves for only $25 as well as invite a friend or significant other to accompany them as a VIP Guest of Honor as well giving each VIP Guest of Honor a $100 savings on their pair of VIP tickets in addition to the high quality VIP Meet and Greet social and networking opportunity that we provide plus additional opportunities for FREE Food, FREE Beverages, and FREE Gifts depending upon our various sponsors ( and as outlined at these in these VIP Video’s:!videos


1. The difference between a VIP Guest and a VIP INVITE Committee Member is - a VIP Guest simply buys a pair of tickets at a $100 savings and attends (or sponsors their tickets to your organization or to Jazz for Peace so they can be given to others to attend), while a VIP Invite Committee Member both attends and invites others to attend (offering them the same $100 VIP savings and rewards as they will receive).


2. Anyone who believes in your organization and your cause can be on this committee.


Most often the very first people to join are Board members who after looking at our VIP Committee document ( are thrilled to be able to play such an important role in the success of this event by simply inviting their friends, associates and loved ones to one of the best parties of the year at a staggering discount filled with numerous other VIP Perks!


It is often these same Board members or close supporters who then expand the committee by showing our JoinOurVIPCommittee document to others that they feel would ALSO like to be a part of this “VIP Gathering” process.


Forming a VIP INVITE Committee helps your organization in two very important ways:


A.  It helps you WIN this Grant by proving to our Board that there are real board members (who actually "serve" instead of "sit"), real supporters, real friends, family and volunteers who believe in you and want to see your organization advance by receiving this Grant.


B. It enables the ROOTS of your Empowerment Tree ( to be formed quickly and easily. A VIP Invite Committee of 15 people need only to invite 4 VIP"s each to have 75 VIPs (150 tickets total), and a VIP Invite Committee of 25 people need only to invite 2 VIP"s each to have 75 VIPs (150 tickets total).


This step not only confirms your event with funds already raised for you, but gives our experienced staff plenty of time to raise maximum funds ( while growing your Empowerment Tree to make your event one that both of our organizations can be proud of for many years to come!




3.  Actual Empowerment Grant timeline: To give you an idea of exactly how important a role the VIP INVITE Committee has played in the success our events and how it can also play an important role in your event, here is a recent Empowerment Tree Grant Timeline:




Feb 15th – March 5th 



An organization who had recently applied for the Empowerment Tree Grant was approved for funding and we have since witnessed the following progress:



A.   Their personal Forming a VIP Committee Link was used to create the group of people who invited the VIP Guests of Honor -  (your personal Join Our VIP Committee Link – CLICK HERE  )    



            ****** For sample outreach to your Board and others click HERE ******



B.     Their event was successfully confirmed by this VIP Invite Committee using their Jump Start Letter. (Please CLICK HERE to RESERVE YOUR HONORARY STATUS)



C.   They then reached the 100% to you plateau while raising $2050 for their organization in the process using a combination of VIP’s and Sponsors as outlined here:



D.   And today to our great joy (and even more so theirs) they landed a Platinum Sponsor - $10,000.00.


The ENTIRE amount from this sponsorship is theirs because they are at the 100% to you level (see letter C above)



All of this success (of which there will surely be much more to come between now and their landmark event) began with this link: your personal Join Our VIP Committee Link – CLICK HERE  Please share this information with others in and around your organization so that we can have this exact same success for you and your outstanding cause. Please let us know right away by phone: 212-202-0515 or email: if there are any questions so that they can be answered by our Event Team.



4. We would like to put the VIP Committee and/or Jump Start letter on Facebook as well as send it out to over 5,000 people on an email blast! Is that OK?



Since the VIP Invite Committee and Jump Start letter is mainly used to secure the commitments of the 35 – 75 “VIP Guests of Honor” (who are the very closest family, friends and supporters of each of the board members and the organization), an email blast, Facebook listing or other such “reach out” to the general public wouldn’t satisfy this very personal “VIP/Honored Guest” qualification that this special invite is originally intended for.


However once this small group of VIP Guests of Honor have made their commitment via the “Easy Steps” process that we will outline for you, reaching out to these larger communities would be an outstanding idea and we would be delighted to go to our board to ask for some ADDITIONAL discount tickets for you to offer if that would be helpful to you.


Thank you for your review! 

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