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Section C: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Is it true that this acclaimed Grant exposes outstanding organizations to Major Donors and top Grant Giving Foundations?


  1. We have reviewed this information and everything looks great! What do we do next?

    The next step would be to pick an approximate date for our benefit concert for you to be held in your city.

    Our studies have shown that it doesn't take more than one month to promote a successful event. With that said it is best to have the event on a month and date that your organization feels is best for you.

    Please give us a call at your earliest convenience at 212-947-1104 so we can talk in more detail.

      1a.  How does Jazz for Peace help our organization?
      (click here for answer)

  2. Ive been reading your testimonials.AMAZING!..........and I was wondering: How can it be that just a small group of people following 2 simple "Easy Steps" to confirm an event can bring so many things to an organization that had never happened to them before? Do you guys have some kind of Kryptonite secret?
    (click here for answer)
      2a.  One question our board had was our upfront costs. Can you outline those?

      There are no upfront costs. Jazz for Peace uses our own donations to put on this concert for the purpose of raising funds, publicity and awareness for your organization at no cost to you as well as to create the foundation for preparation to meet opportunity through this world class cultural event between our organizations for a long term partnership creating the possibility for bigger and better things to come! (SEE EXAMPLE.)

  3. What has been the average revenues generated for the charities? (click here for answer)

  4. Why should I personally attend and experience this World Class Cultural Event for my organization instead of simply purchasing a pair of tickets in absentia to support the cause and stay home or do something else that evening? (click here for answer)

      4a.  How are you able to break through the vicious cycle of getting funds, publicity and awareness to outstanding causes that were previously underfunded and under publicized? (click here for answer)

  5. With what charities have you partnered before? What was the experience like for the partnership charities? (click here for answer)

  6. How do we present yet another event to our already exhausted Donor Base?  We are in the midst of planning quite a few events at this time, and cannot commit to selling tickets to a concert as well. Our database is just not that large that it can sustain the promotion of more events within a 12 month period. (click here for answer)

      6a.  I've heard this concert is amazing. Please tell me more about the performers and the music! (click here for answer)

  7. How can we work together with our board to pre-sell the VIP Guest of Honor pairs of discount tickets enabling us to "Jump-Start" our event with money already raised for our Organization? (click here for answer)

      7a.  Please tell me more about the VIP Guest of Honor experience, cost of ticket, why it is so special, and how you can help us to reach this goal. (click here for answer)

      7b.  Is it OK to skip over the VIP part (ROOTS) and just go straight for the General Public, Sponsors, Media and all of the other Branches of your Empowerment Tree? (click here for answer)

  8. This sounds "too good to be true". How are you able to offer to us this incredible service? (click here for answer)

  9. Please tell us everything we need to know about Venues How to obtain a venue, what size, how many people do you expect to buy the tickets for you to meet your target and the over all cost, etc.
    (click here for answer)

  10. How can we get the most possible promotion for our organization in conjunction with this event?(click here for answer)

      10a. Our town has so many events on the same day. How can our VIP INVITE Committee make this one stand out when inviting their friends etc. so that we can quickly achieve the 100% to you level? (click here for answer)

  11. How much lead time do we need to book our concert?(click here for answer)

  12. How is this different from us hiring a great local band and then selling tickets ourselves? View the answer.
  13. How does Jazz for Peace find out about wonderful organizations like ours and then choose us and others to be the recipients for the Benefit Concert Series?(click here for answer)

  14. Can we have an opening act or honor someone at our event?
    View the answer.

  15. I heard something about recipient organizations actually receiving MORE THAN 100% of the profits......could that really possibly be true? Please tell me more information about the ticketing and the profits...(click here for answer)

  16. Our organization has a global (or national) mission. Is there any way we can get publicity on a larger scale as well as raise additional funds with this event? (click here for answer)

  17. We are an organization with prior fundraising experience and would like to know more about your "buyout program" designed to maximize our success. Please explain how this buyout program is to our advantage? (click here for answer)

  18. We are expecting about 450 people to this event and the information you sent to us says something about a $4,450 buyout designed to maximize our success. That seems like a lot. Please explain how this buyout program is to our advantage? (click here for answer)

  19. How does this event fare in the current economic downturn?(click here for answer)

  20. Please tell me everything I need to know about the VIP Invite Committee.

    How does a VIP Invite Committee Member differ from the regular VIP’s? Who should be on this prestigious “Committee that invites the VIP Guests”? Do you have a recent timeline for funding that we could refer to? Can we put the VIP Committee Outreach Letter (or Jump Start Letter) up on Facebook? (click here for answer)
  21. The date we chose for our event is many months away.  What are the advantages of Jumpstarting it right away?  (click here for answer)

      21a.  Why do the very busiest organizations always confirm their event the earliest? (click here for answer)

      21b.  Why is there a relatively quick deadline for event confirmation of the VIPs? Is it OK to ask for additional time? (click here for answer)

  22. Where are you registered? (click here for answer)

  23. We are so moved by your sincere interest to help our organization. But we cant seem to figure out HOW ON EARTH DOES JAZZ FOR PEACE MAKE ANY MONEY? (click here for answer)

  24. What are the advantages of donating to Jazz for Peace? (click here for answer)

  25. We have heard many stories about Jazz for Peace Events with much higher ticket prices than the standard prices listed. Is that possible for us?  (click here for answer)

      25a. I live in a very poor country (or city). My VIP's are very interested, but they don't have money to pay. Can you please help me to complete this step? (click here for answer)

        25b. Why are the JFP Board Members Anonymous? (click here for answer)

  26. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response that our Board and team members have received from watching your video, we would like to maximize our success by skipping the standard “Confirm your event with funds already raised for you!” process and go straight to event confirmation by pre-purchasing the VIP Discount Tickets in advance. Do you have a listing of all of the advantages of confirming the event this quickly? Do we get a discount??!!!(click here for answer)

  27. I Why is the list of VIP names of our family, friends, team members and supporters so important for us to have on Page 1 of the Grant Application?(click here for answer)

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Section B: What we ask of you - click here for Empowerment Tree (Roots) video
After taking a few minutes to review our "Fast Facts", (click here), learn more about Jazz for peace in 3 minutes or less, (click here) view our brief but informative Jazz for Peace Video Presentation (click here -these can also be viewed on our website) and choose your preferred date:

1. We require only a few minutes of your time to decide who your 35 favorite friends, family and supporters of you, your Board Members and your Organization are and simply email them the Jump Start letter which we create for you and then follow the 2 Easy Steps (click here for details) enabling these VIP Guests of Honor to purchase or sponsor a pair of tickets at a significant discount as well as the chance to partake in other VIP opportunities such as free food, drink etc. that may be offered.


Click here to see our "VIP Meet and Greet" Social Networking Opportunity Example:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb3TKWL98xY


For Ticket Breakdown:  Click here  (https://jazzforpeace.org/eventconfirmation.pdf)

For your confidentiality we ask that you decide who this limited amount of Honored Guests will be and email our Jump Start letter(click here for sample) out to those special friends and supporters thereby enabling us to announce your event with money already earned for your organization!   

PERFORMERS- ****In addition this list of 50 confirmed names allows our board to secure our founder Rick DellaRatta (see http://www.powerpresskits.com/PPKs/indexC.aspx?PPK=5192 for more info ) to appear at this event.****

For International Concerts click here

Section A: What we offer you
Through the Jazz for Peace Fundraising Grant program, Jazz for Peace has already helped over 700 organizations (click here for Testimonials!) to:

1.  Raise Funds - as much as a quarter of a million dollars in one evening!

2.  Generate much needed publicity and awareness to help you reach wider audiences.

3.   Create new donors, supporters and sponsors ; improve fundraising skills; and plant the seed for the beginning of a long term partnership that has proven to be a vital opportunity in this current economic environment - all at no cost to you.

4. A chance to say "Thank You!" and confirm your event with funds ALREADY raised for you!  Many outstanding causes are in the unfortunate situation of having to exhaust the same donor base every year. In response to that the Jazz for Peace Empowerment Grant gives outstanding organizations the opportunity to bring on new supporters, sponsors, publicity and awareness, partnerships and more while at the same time the chance to thank their most favored members and supporters by "cherry picking" them to be the "VIP Guests of Honor" at this world class cultural event simply by following these "2 easy steps".  

Click here and on the examples above for additional details.

5.  The opportunity to share the Sustainable Fundraising Secrets of our Success with you.

Click HERE to see just one of our many examples:

Click here to see how we offer free publicity and a pair of discount tickets to 5 of your favorite local businesses!

For NYC concerts the venue will be obtained and provided by Jazz for Peace. There may be a minimum (ex. 1 beverage or food minimum per person) depending on the venue chosen. For our expansion series concerts the venue will be provided either by Jazz for Peace with your advice or vice versa.

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Jazz for Peace planted the seed now lets see how it grows!



News Article

International Musician feature article for August, 2005 Issue


                                   Changing the World through Jazz

The soothing sounds of jazz are on their way to helping bring peace to the world, according to Rick DellaRatta of Locals 802 (New York City) and 85-133 (Schenectady/Amsterdam, NY), who found a way to turn his passion for music into a vehicle for both change and peace. The jazz composer, pianist, and vocalist is at the forefront of Jazz For Peace, an organization that performs to raise money for charities, instrument donations to schools, and music awareness. DellaRatta has spearheaded the project since he founded it in 2001.

Jazz is a universal language that cuts through boundaries of language, race, creed, gender, and religion, DellaRatta says. Jazz for Peace seemed like an appropriate vehicle to bring people together through jazz music. 

DellaRatta led the band's first successful Jazz for Peace concert inside the United Nations headquarters in New York City, where the band played in front of an international audience comprising Israeli, Middle Eastern, European, Asian, and American jazz aficionados and spectators. The UN performance was made more significant, DellaRatta says, due to its timing right after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York. He says the band played with the following mission, which eventually became the slogan of the organization: "When we fill our souls up with creativity, artistry, and intelligence, we have a better chance at avoiding the behavior that leads to destruction."

The first performance sparked more than 150 future benefit performances which began every Saturday in New York's Upper West Side at "Jazz on the Park" and other venues in the city. Jazz for Peace soon grew to include concerts in other cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, and Dallas, and subsequently launched an international expansion series incorporating cities like Mexico City and Cancun, Mexico. When on the road, DellaRatta features local artists with the Jazz for Peace band, augmenting the group with local flavor. "Jazz has a history of having a positive effect on people," he says. "Musicians may think this is obvious, but they don't often realize how profound it may be to the rest of the world."

In April 2004, DellaRatta released his sixth album, called Jazz for Peace. Dedicated to the organization, it features a compilation of the group's performances. DellaRatta intends to donate half of the proceeds to the purchase of instruments for underprivileged children. Incorporating music in children's lives is another of his goals, and he is currently working on a project with Local 802 to gather donations of unused instruments, repair them, and then transport the instruments to disadvantaged children through their schools. "Music is a proven stimulator of intellect, and we want kids to reach their full potential," he comments. "They need to be supported through programs like these."

His most recent donation request had two particularly unusual aspects: an accordion, which needed to be shipped to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. DellaRatta was on the subway speaking about his accordion search troubles to a friend, when a man from The Songbook Project (a nonprofit organization that supports arts for children through theater and musical performances) overheard his conversation and offered a well-used accordion to Jazz for Peace. Though the accordion is in need of repairs, he was thrilled, and immediately informed the school in Rio that the instrument would be on its way.

DellaRatta was recently honored in the book Jazz Singers by author Scott Yanow as one of the 500 greatest jazz vocalists of all time. Deemed a leader in the jazz world as both innovator and visionary by many in the industry, DellaRatta continues to perform concerts with Jazz for Peace. His shows include performances for worldwide organizations like School Supplies for Afghanistan, and he has been recognized by notables including Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and political writer Noam Chomsky for his contributions to the jazz world.

The continuation of Jazz for Peace is vital to DellaRatta, whose goals for the program include expanding the concert series "and the understanding of the significance of jazz" while working toward a world full of music, life, and peace. "We want to continue to broaden the audience for this art form, while at the same time supporting the wonderful causes that keep us going," he explains. "Jazz for Peace hopes to spread the message that embracing humanity is not such a bad idea for change."

for more info, visit www.jazzforpeace.org.

Jazz For Peace  reinforces what history has proven, ...

"Jazz creates a positive effect that transforms & unites people; thus transcending the barriers of different cultures & beliefs."

"The art form of Jazz has the ability to effect people in profoundly positive ways"


***** Jazz For Peace reaches out to individuals and organizations on both sides of conflicting issues, believing that if we as a species embrace qualities such as creativity, artistry, intellectuality, humanity, individuality, etc. we will all have a better chance at avoiding the behavior that leads to destruction.*****

Dear Grant Applicants and Recipients: Your success is part of our Empowerment mission and fulfilling the one requirement we ask of you (See Section B: What we ask of you!) and adhering to our written guidelines is an integral part of the success of all of the other components associated with this Empowerment Grant. Important Disclaimer: Violating the terms and conditions of The Jazz for Peace Empowerment Grant could result in liability for the full costs and damages for the entire amount of each component of this award. Please note that pre-paid discount tickets used to “confirm your event with funds already raised for you!” do not count against future online sales and is non-refundable unless cancelled by Jazz for Peace™.


Jazz for Peace Empowerment Grant Receives Patent Status: **** On August 26, 2010 The Jazz for Peace  Empowerment Grant Philanthropic Model received Patent Pending status and all associated protection by law of any replication, simulation or duplication of this model from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (application number 61377132).****